As you've undoubtedly heard, because of an unruly child and a parent's negligence, a beautiful silverback gorilla was shot at a zoo in Cincinnati this weekend. There have been constant outcries from people defending the mom, defending the zoo, and the opposite. To me, it's very simple.
  1. First off, kids are assholes.
    Especially this generation. They don't like to be told no. And by and large my generation don't like to say no. And you know what that creates? Spoiled, entitled asshole kids. This will benefit them as adults. They won't take no for an answer. They will stand up for themselves. They'll be more motivated and upwardly mobile than we ever were. But again, still assholes who don't know their place in the world.
  2. When my oldest daughter was 3 we had a scary moment.
    We were having a picnic by the river. It was near The Ohio State University. It was a special place to my wife and i. We'd been there many times as a couple and later as a family. My daughter was familiar with the area. She liked to play on the bank of the river, tho we always cautioned her to be careful. On this day my wife and I were sitting about 50 ft away when my wife looked up and said...
    I leapt into action sprinting full bore to where she had just been. As I approached the bank I saw her in the water- her little face struggling to stay above water. (She was about two inches taller than the water was deep, it turns out.)
  4. I jumped into the water fully clothed.
    I snagged her and put her on the shore. She was fine. A little scared. She started to cry. I thought she was scared or overwhelmed by the moment. Maybe she appreciated my heroism. (lol)
  5. "Daddy- my shoes!"
    She was wearing spongebob sandals. With cork soles. And they were floating away.
  6. Once more into the fray
    I jumped back in the water. This one required swimming. But I snagged both shoes.
  7. My point is this.
    We tell this story fondly as the time I saved her life. But it could have easily gone the other way. And it would have been 100% my fault.
  8. So yes. It's a tragedy. Yes, the zookeepers did the right thing. This child's life was more important, no matter how wrong it was to have gotten into the enclosure. And yes, it's 100% the parents fault.
    Doesn't take anything away from the situation. Doesn't make it less shitty. Doesn't make anyone feel better. But hopefully, maybe, this parent (and others) will be much more cognizant of their children. Because accidents happen. But we learn from them.