Ok stop singing Jay-Z
  1. I never actually did this. Let's just pretend I did.
  2. I'm Ben.
    You can call me Ben. Or Sid.
  3. I'm 37.
    I'm told I have cross generational appeal. Ha
  4. Married since 2000. 3 kids.
    I talk about them often.
  5. I was a semi-popular, semi-famous myspace blogger.
    Most of you don't care. People specifically my age are like "cool."
  6. I'm making an effort, prompted by my wife (not on Li.st) to stop sharing everything on social media.
    I tend to "live out loud." Which wasn't an issue back in the day, but now that her friends and family pay attention to things I say, all of a sudden I'm embarrassing. Ha
  7. I have stayed relatively thin and somewhat in shape based mostly on genetics and vanity. I don't eat right, exercise or sleep the correct amount.
  8. I am passionate about sleep!
    I'm a sleep expert. I've been in the mattress industry since 2001. I like helping people learn how to feel better just by sleeping better.
  9. I'm in the baby steps stage of switching careers.
    I've signed up for real estate school beginning in July. Yikes. Still sales, but hopefully getting out of retail I'll be able to control my schedule better.
  10. I used to hate guys who lived and died with their sports teams.
    Important words there- "used to." I now live and die with THE Ohio State University and all Cleveland sports teams.
  11. Which is difficult living in Cincinnati.
    I grew up closer to Cleveland!
  12. I have a passion for politics.
    I'm a political scientist by degree. What we are dealing with now is politics at its finest. Meaning it's a complete and total manipulation of the American populace that most people haven't seen thru. It's remarkable.
  13. My Li.st parent is @torrami
    We go way back to MySpace and she got me here. We've never met but she's my best friend.
  14. My Li.st protégée is @marginally_amazing
    We go way back to Like, December? And as you already know from an earlier list she's already more popular than me here which is BULLSHIT. 😂😂😂
  15. I gave up caffeine 10-24-15.
    It took two weeks of incredible headaches but I kicked it. I used to have ridiculous headaches a few times a week and they've since vanished. I was spurred because an uncle had been recently diagnosed with cancer and then I read an article that soda pop increases your likelihood of prostate cancer by 40% and that was enough! So long sweet beautiful caffeinated soda!
  16. I love music. Movies. Reading.
    None of that defines me.
  17. I'm happiest doing nothing, surrounded by people I love.
    I don't have hobbies. Or interests. I play Simpsons Tapped Out. That's about it.
  18. And that's about it!