If you know me or if you just read my lists, you probably know I just dropped my daughter off at college. In the span of 4 days I turned 38 (yuck), I took my 18 year old across the country (sad face) and was reminded that today is the 12th anniversary of my mother passing. Yikes. But rather than dwell, here's all the good stuff that happened!
  1. My other daughter cried.
    It was a sad moment to be sure, but I rarely see them share much emotion. At 18 and 13 they're often at odds with one another. IT was nice to see the genuine affection.
  2. We flew from cincy to Portland to save money, which
    Allowed us 2.5 extra hours with our daughter via a road trip up I-5 into Seattle. Precious time. Fantastic idea. Will repeat.
  3. The target in Seattle is 3 floors, takes up a city block and has special cart escalators.
    I'm a nerd.
  4. Baby Girl's dorm room is amazing.
  5. We got to visit a pretty cool nature preserve.
  6. We saved a slug.
  7. We had enough money to get rooms and a car and everything blue needed for school and still buy food for the way home. Score.
  8. We stopped near Tacoma on the way home and I saw a seal.
  9. After stopping at the Tacoma glass bridge (pretty cool) we got some takeout at HAPPY TERIYAKI
  10. Voodoo Donuts.
    Portland. Ate a donut called "a donut has no name." And saw a scary street clown.
  11. In the Denver airport: (THIS could be a list all is own)
    Bathrooms- go upstairs. Less traffic, nicer stalls. Food - Mesa Verde. AMAZING breakfast. Try the chorizo sausage.
  12. All in all, yes I'm sad. I miss my baby. We all grew up together. Im even a little emotional sitting in Denver. But she's going to kick ass. GO get 'em, babygirl Edler.