I was going to make this a suggestion thing. But naw. Make your own list.
  1. WAIT FOR YOU, Elliot Yamin
    Just happy to see this guy make something of himself.
    Should he have won? Meh. Is this a great pop song? Fuck yeah.
  3. ITS NOT OVER, Daughtry
    Is daughtry going to make it big? Fuck this is a good jam
  4. LIGHT ON, David Cook
    He's my fave American idol. His cd from before AI, "Analog heart," is a wonderful emo masterpiece.
  5. GONE GONE GONE, Phillip Phillips.
    Actually love P.P. He made two great CDs.
  6. LIKE I DO, Lee Dewyze
    From his second cd. So good.
  7. OVER YOU, Daughtry
    Better song, same cd. I actually said, "Daughtry is going to be HUGE for a long time." And he is. I guess. To some people somewhere.
  8. BEAUTIFUL LIFE, Nick Fradiani
    Didn't watch this season. Accidentally heard this on the Muzak at work. Fuck you, I love it.
  9. HELLO, I LOVE YOU, Adore Delano
    Otherwise known as Danny Noriega when he was a kid on the show. Now a grown up drag queen!
  10. SINCE U BEEN GONE, Kelly Clarkson
    Idgaf who is around, I'm screaming this song when it comes on
  11. BAR-BA-SOL, David Cook
    Not even close. This is my favorite track that's ever come from AI.