Before I get hate comments, let me say I love my family dearly. They are the light of my life. I would do literally anything for them. The downside- they know it. And make me do anything for them.
  1. The Boy: INAUDIBLE
    When he was younger he wouldn't talk to most people. He would just stare at them until they gave up, answered themselves, or walked away. He's better at it now, but he still won't talk at a volume that I can hear. I don't fucking know why. Often he will NOT repeat himself, and if he does, there's still no chance he's raising his voice.
    I don't know why. This has been a common theme for years. Won't close her door. Won't turn off her light. Won't put caps back on anything. Drinks. Soda. Milk. She leaves them on the counter, no cap. Makes popcorn. Leaves bag and plastic film on counter. Opens packages, leaves the torn off part wherever it falls. Makes eggs, leaves shells on stove. Leaves wet towel in her swimming bag.
  3. The College Girl: NO CONCEPT OF OTHER'S TIME
    Often will say, "hey can you take me to..." followed by some far off destination and you know she'll either be a fucking nightmare to deal with for days, or your night is shot driving. So you pick driving because at least you get to regroup for tomorrow. BONUS - also has no concept of what is "on the way" somewhere. Hey can we stop at Brittanne's on the way to Sam's? So you want me to drive to Kentucky and then to northern cincy? You're the worst.
    It's unlikely she'll read this ever, but I had to throw up that smokescreen just in case. Biggest complaint is that I've become her errand boy. She will come home from work- and fully knowing the kids have to go somewhere- will put on pajama pants and pour a glass of wine. Making me the defacto kid runner. Also that's a lie. She's not pouring the wine. She's sitting down next to me then asking me to go get her the wine. Which brings me to:
  5. All of Them, Together: PILE ON DAD
    Not in the fun, amusing way like hey everyone hop on pop. No. I stand up to get something and literally every one of them will ask for something. And it's not like like "hey can you get me a drink" I'll end up going upstairs for blankets, uncorking some wine, popping corn, mixing sodas together or being sent to Kroger for something they all want but we don't have.
  6. Why do I put up with it?
  7. Static