Every thought from start to finish
  1. I'm hungry
  2. Wait, am I hungry, or bored?
  3. I'm just bored
  4. 15 mins later.
  5. I guess it doesn't matter of I'm hungry or bored- I'm eating.
  6. I should have packed my lunch
  7. We had leftover pizza
  8. I should have brought pizza.
  9. Ok what's handy. Not eating Taco Bell again. They tried to kill me.
  10. I guess Arby's.
  11. No shake tho. French dip and that's it.
  12. Oh wait.
  13. Loaded curly fries. Mmmmmmm....
  14. Ok but still no shake.
  15. Damn tho. I can't eat either of these things on the way back to the store.
  16. Better get an arby melt too.
  17. Jesus wasn't I just talking about not being fat?
  18. I'll start that tomorrow.
  19. Ok headed back to work
  20. Arby melt hit the spot
  21. I probably don't need all this food, now.
  22. But these fries won't still be good later.
  23. I guess this sandwich will warm up later
  24. Oh gosh these fries are rich
  25. Ok I'm full
  26. Fuck it I'm eating the sandwich
  27. I just won't finish it
  28. I mean, I've been starving before.
  29. Ok I'll just leave like a couple bites of each.
  30. Well I finished the sandwich
  31. Ok I'm full
  32. Better throw these fries away before I finish them
  33. Stand up. Walk away.
  34. Come back, eat garbage.
  35. Ugh.
  36. There are starving kids in Africa.
  37. At least I didn't get the shake.