A collection of "back in my day..." To make you feel old.
  1. Donald Trump was harmless
    I mean he's always been crazy. But he used to be a perfect symbol of America. It's kinda sad he might still be...
  2. People used to call you
    I mean, I still didn't answer the call, but people used to actually call each other. In the first hangover movie the one guy even says texting is gay... Which leads me to-
  3. Smear the Queer was an acceptable name for a playground game
    Listen, Linda. (Heh). I'm against has speech just like everyone else. But back in the day we used to play a football game called "smear the queer" where the guy with the ball tries to evade everyone else til he is eventually smeared. I don't even know why the queer connotation was attached.
  4. I used to buy records. And tapes. And CDs.
    I never bought the fucking minidisc tho. That was stupid. I miss owning music.
  5. Spoiler: spoilers didn't exist
    Because your ass was watching it when it happened. And if you taped it to watch it later that was your own damn fault. You should have just watched it while it was on like the rest of us! I have no tolerance for people who bitch about spoilers…
  6. Cancer
    Hey remember when not everything caused cancer? Those were good times
  7. Bill Cosby wasn't a rapist
    Well when we didn't know. He was a rapist. Simpler times, I suppose. But at least now I know why they took those Jell-O pudding Pops off the market… Jell-O roofie pops indeed.