1. It's not that Cleveland lost the World Series.
    It's not that Cleveland lost the World Series. It's amazing that they made it. It's not that they were up 3-1. It's not the 68 year drought. It's not the 33 years I've watched and cared about the team. It's not even that this is the third World Series I've gotten to watch them participate in and ultimately lose. And it's not even the fact that they lost in extra innings, in game 7, AGAIN. And it's not that they were so close.
  2. It's not Michael Martinez' fault.
    A 34 year old career minor leaguer had to have been absolutely dreaming of that moment since the day he first put a ball glove on his hand. The real heartbreak of this loss is that it was SO spectacular, on the winning side, that this will never go away. When they lost in '95 it was forgotten shortly. When they lost in '97 it was to a marlins team that was broken up and sold off immediately. Not exactly historic.
  3. this moment, this clip, this heartbreak will be relived in perpetuity.
    But they lost to the Cubs. With Harry Caray's ghost and Bill Murray and Steve Bartman and some goat somewhere... We will never get away from it. Time and distance and championships can lessen it, but we will never be able to escape this day, this heartache.
  4. It's nothing against the Cubs. They were the better team. Congrats to their organization, their city, their fans.
    This is just an explanation of the enduring heartache.