Once upon a time I moved from Columbus to Cincinnati with my job. Follows is the true story of how I lost 45 lbs in those 3 months.
  1. I accepted a transfer.
    It wasn't exactly a lateral move. But I needed to re-establish myself in my company. I needed to start over. It was 2006.
  2. It was March. My daughter was still in school.
    The family and I decided I would spend half the week in cincy and the other half In Columbus until babygirl finished school.
  3. As I prepared to leave, my wife was putting together a small photo album for me.
    Yes camera phones "existed," but no one used them yet, really. Heck MySpace only let you have 8 pics on your whole profile.
  4. As she thumbed thru the pages I noticed two pictures of me side by side.
    They were a year apart. But they were 50 lbs apart, easy.
  5. Yikes. Why didn't you tell me I got fat?!
    She claims she did. I probably had a mouthful of food and wasn't paying attention.
  6. I examined my eating habits. They were awful. I made these changes:
  7. I stopped hiding food from my family.
    You ever eaten a mcgriddle? It's delicious. And about 480 calories. My wife wanted me to only eat one. But I knew she'd be ok if I ate two. So I'd order 4. Eat 2 on the way home. Then eat one in front of her. And save the 2nd (really 4th) one for later. (10 mins later.)
  8. I stopped putting food in my mouth if there was already food in my mouth.
    Seems logical. Jesus.
  9. I stopped eating on the way home from eating.
    It was common for me to get a burrito on the way home from picking up pizza.
  10. And that's it.
  11. No exercise was involved. No starving. No grand lifestyle shift.
  12. In the early going I lost about a lb a day, eventually tapering off and plateauing at 45 lbs lost in 90 days.
  13. Now I smell food and my pants split open, so... Enjoy your youthful metabolism, kids.