Junk to me implies these are impulse purchases. Meaning I'm not hungry or these aren't a meal. But I can't resist.
  1. Cheetos.
    Bags and bags and bags.
  2. Gas station "tornados."
    You know what I mean. They're on the rolling grill like the hot dogs and they look deep fried. Mmmmmm.
  3. Random candy bars
    Kit Kat. Reese's. Snickers. Take 5. Whatchamacallit. Anything. If it's got chocolate and something else I want it.
  4. Taco Bell
    Technically a meal but I have a VERY hard time driving past a Taco Bell even if I'm on my way to OR FROM eating. I used to get a taco on the way home from picking up pizza for my family.
  5. DONUTS.
    Gas station krispy kreme. Kroger bakery. Dunkin. Busken. If they've got donuts I want two.