Inspired by @nathanveshecco @marginally_amazing and @BWN_7
  1. Childhood. I got Mtv in like, 1984. The first video I saw? Scopions. Rock you like a hurricane.
  2. School age. We played these on 45s, my friends. Van Halen, Panama. No, Prince, lets go crazy.
  3. Junior high - I go "metal." (lol). Queensryche. Jet City Woman.
  4. High school. I struggle with my identity. I choose cowboy... Alan Jackson, Chattahoochie.
  5. Late high school. Green day and smashing pumpkins win me over. When I come around. No wait. Our lady peace, starseed.
  6. I graduate. Metallica, Until It Sleeps. No wait... College. I get a little... Creepy. Manson, I put a spell on you.
  7. I become a father. Our Lady Peace, 4am.
  8. Weird ten years in the interim - just pick a kinda punk kinda emo song. They're all the same. Let's say Dashboard Confessional. Vindicated. No wait. Strike that. I was cool. And fun. Better than Ezra, juicy. No, fuck... Mika, Grace Kelly.
  9. I'm sick of my situation in life- the New Basement Tapes, Kansas City.
  10. Everything is changing but I'm cautiously optimistic... Catfish and the Bottlemen, soundcheck.