The immediate response to trump winning was outlandish rejection of his idealogy, his promises, his rhetoric. I saw many posts about wearing a safety pin (like the U.K. did after the Brexit) to let marginalized people they could trust us, that we were an ally. I liked it. But-
  1. Immediately after that I saw posts saying not to wear a pin!
    A. It too easy for someone malicious to copy! B. It's just to make white people feel like they did something and C. It's not actually doing anything.
  2. To those, I say - shut up.
    You don't know what I've done. You don't know who I've helped or how hard I railed against trump, his policies and his followers.
  3. So I wear a pin.
    Not to let people know I'm an ally (I certainly am, and you CAN count on me if need be.) Definitely not to make myself feel better. Quite the opposite.
  4. My pin is a reminder.
    A reminder I didn't do enough. A reminder that I failed. I let my friends - my FAMILY- people I care about deep in my heart - vote to strip rights and freedoms away from my other friends and family. It might not be why they voted for Trump, but it didn't dissuade them.
  5. So if you see a pin, either on someone in public, or in your reflection, remember. WE FAILED.
  6. AND we can't fail again. The future depends on us.
  7. Static