So you might remember a few lists ago I went to real estate school. Turns out real estate is boring in the winter and I have a significant amount of free time. A somewhat well known "internet celebrity" friend of mine asked me if I would help her gain followers on a website. Because she's a friend, I have time&she said she'd cut me in, I said ok.
  1. My job- post the pictures she sends me on a website and direct traffic toward another website. I am not impersonating her. I am not misrepresenting anything. But clearly the people who message for details dont read the disclaimer. I was going to post the things they've said, but I want to keep this semi clean. Following is real things I've replied.
  2. "I can't imagine anyone would enjoy that."
  3. "Why on earth would I want someone to shrink down and live in my underwear?"
  4. "I've never measured the size of my tits and I only wore a bra one time in college."
  5. "I don't care how many times you send me a picture of your penis. Still not impressed."
  6. "Did you miss the disclaimer saying she doesn't answer mail here?"
  7. "Have you seen my baseball?"
  8. "Whoa. Thank you for the picture of your penis. Do you want to see mine? I'm a guy. Who works for XXXXX. Like the disclaimer says. Were you trying to show me your penis? Because I'm straight."
  9. "My cats breath smells like cat food."
  10. "Hey have you seen stranger things?"
  11. "Oh man. I hope you copy and paste that to a lot of people. I'd hate to think you wrote that just for me."
  12. "You need help. Like, medication."
  13. "Thank you for your penis pic. I hope you don't mind I'm publishing all penis pics sent to me. In order from smallest to biggest. Well I'm waiting to fill out the biggest part."
  14. "No person would like that, man. Try harder."
  15. "Have you talked to a woman in real life?"
  16. "Actually I'm pretty hairy. All over."
  17. Sometimes they just get this pic: