Third week of real estate classes. I've learned a couple names. But for the first 10ish days, these are how I referred to my "friends."
  1. The girl I know I know
    Still don't know where i know her from. Sits at the end of my row.
  2. Stoner kid
    We have the same car and if I park closer to the building than he does, 100% of the time he tries to get in my car. Sits behind me.
  3. Broken Old Lady
    Smells like smoke. Talks a lot. Sits to my right.
  4. Foxy Grandma
    I have since learned she's not a grandma and not that much older than me. She looks good for being 60, but is apparently not 60. Sits to my left.
  5. Loud Typer Guy
    This guy's computer is so loud. The "turn on beep" is like a fire alarm. Directly behind me.
  6. Country-HOT-girl
    Ok the capital HOT was an autocorrect from my new iOS. Sits on other side of broken old lady.
  7. Sweatpants
    Kid who clearly doesn't give a fuck. Update- his name is Brandon. Or brenden?
  8. Dude
    Dude directly behind me. He's middle of the back row. CLASS clown. (These capitalized words are out of hand, apple)
  9. JAIL house tattoo yoga lady
    She dresses professionally. Thinks she's funny. Sits directly in front of me. Has a very sketchy looking tattoo on the back of her neck.
  10. BAMF
    oh wait- THATS me.