So, some I have no reason.
  1. Bob Fucking Vila
    Ok, this one goes out to my mom. She used to watch "this old house" and in one episode Bob chastised a child for playing with a model of a house, because it looked like a dollhouse. I can't tell you how many times I heard "Bob Fucking Vila" in my house growing up and after... but it was a LOT. So I was kinda conditioned.
  2. Rihanna
    Dude. She rooted against the USMNT in the last World Cup. And I know she's not from the US but we give her a lot of money so shut up.
  3. Kurt Warner
    I don't even remember when I hate Kurt Warner. It was during his first season with the Rams. But fuck Kurt Warner.
  4. Rachel Ray
    No I am not confusing her with Rachel Roy. My wife hates Ms. Ray because of that bullshit show she used to have "how to eat on $40 a day" or some shit. Whoa. Who the fuck can't eat on $40 per day per person? You extravagant bitch.
  5. TTUN fans
    Ohio people know what that means. For the rest of you that stands for "that team up north." This is how we refer to the university in the state directly north of Ohio. Because Bo left Woody and because well, fuck you, Ann Arbor. Actually no. This isn't a bad reason. Sports rivalries are the best reasons to hate people.