Piggy backing on my last list, here are places I slept over the last few days:
  1. The best: Fairfield inn, Portland.
    Economically priced. First hotel we stayed in the night before we dropped our daughter off. Comfy bed. Tired from flight.
  2. The next best: the floor at the Denver airport, second floor.
    During my 5 hr layover. It was in a hallway off the beaten path. WITH a suitcase for privacy and a sweater for a pillow, this was not a bad option.
  3. Not hateful- sprawled across 4 somewhat padded chairs, Portland airport.
    Actually kinda comfy. I slept from about 2am-3:30am. Unfortunately my wife walked away and left me sleeping alone in public. So i was probably molested. JUST saying.
  4. Should have been better- Best Western, Federal Way, WA
    Just left my baby at college. And spent so much at target. So while this was somewhat moderately priced (wayyyy less than in Seattle) it was still more hsn I wanted and the bed was ultra firm. Blecch.
  5. Not comfortable at all - Frontier Airlines from PDX to CVG
    But I hadn't slept the night before so I crashed. Woke up sore as can be.
  6. Three minutes of slumber barely makes the list - backseat of the rental car, Portland.
    Didn't feel like paying for a hotel for two hours sleep. Attempted to sleep in the hotel parking lot. And then a marshalls parking lot. And then IKEA. security guards were everywhere. Wife slept tho.
  7. The worst. Frontier Airlines from CVG to PDX.
    Crazily anxious. Uncomfortable. Wife and daughter both leaning on me/laying legs across me.