Backstory: I'm convinced I'll benefit from ADHD medication. I talk to my doc. He wants to start with a non-stimulant. As I'm not a crackhead looking for a high, I'm willing to try whatever he suggests.
  1. It's late August. In Ohio. Probably 90°.
  2. I have a busy day ahead of me. I have to pick up my prescription, purchase a car, tags, and pick up the family from school.
  3. I don't ask to speak with the pharmacist
    I'm not 90 years old, I can read, and I have things to do.
  4. I don't read the label or warnings. I pop a pill.
  5. I feel no effects. I carry on with my day.
  6. I test drive a car. The AC works. I make the purchase.
  7. I crank the AC. Im warm. Driving to get tags for the car.
  8. I'm standing in the BMV.
  9. They also have the AC cranked.
    Thank you, Ohio BMV for realizing people waiting in line will be even more pissy if they're also hot.
  10. I'm 6th in line. I feel the woman behind me tap on my shoulder.
  11. I glance over my shoulder and she's not looking at me.
  12. What are we, in elementary school? Is this a game?
  13. I turn my attention back forward.
  14. She taps me again.
  15. I whirl around and see she's looking at me like I have two heads.
  16. "Did you just tap me?"
  17. "No- that's your sweat dripping off your hair. Are you ok?"
  18. I realize I'm not ok. I'm drenched with sweat. Imagine one of those farcical movies where someone is sweating and it's just pouring off of them. This is literally what is happening to me.
  19. "Well I don't know about ok, but I'm not getting out of line."
  20. Got my tags, picked up the fam with the AC cranked down to 58°, went home and laid down on the floor.
  21. Tried to take it two more times. Gave up. Read online the doc gave me a WAYYYY higher dosage than people normally start with. Not sure why. Was prescribed the stimulant the next day.