Over the years my family has given up on probably 5-8 iPhones (given how many my daughter Blue has broken, this is a small amount). However last night I was able to restore my wife's phone and reset two other older iPhones that had gotten to the "White/Red Screen of Death." Could I make money off this info? Maybe. But here it is, free.
    I make no guarantee this will work for you. It's important to note that this will generally result in a "factory reset" phone. If you don't back up often you probably will lose your pictures, videos, settings, etc... also this process isn't mine, I found it on google.
  2. Step one:
    We can have lot of fun! Shoot. I mean. Update your iTunes to the latest on your computer you're using to back up your phone. Yes, you do have to do this. "I'm not updating. Sounds like an apple scam to get me to update." But then my computer didn't even find the phone. So yes, update your iTunes.
  3. Step TWO:
    Plug your iPhone into the computer. It is ok if the computer doesn't immediately find the phone, but make sure the phone has enough charge to be found.
  4. 3:
    Hold down the power button for 3 seconds. Without letting go of the power, hold down the home button and the power button for 12 seconds. Let go of the power, but continue to hold the home button for 15 seconds. Your screen might do various things while this sequence is happening. Don't worry.
  5. Quatre:
    Somewhere during the third countdown your computer will make a noise and your iTunes screen will change. It will now recognize a phone in "recovery mode."
  6. Schfifty Five:
    I forget the prompts, but it's standard iTunes stuff. Click thru it. You will likely here have the opportunity to choose "recover iPhone" or "update" or "restore" or something. If you have a recent backup and you don't think your whole system was corrupted because you downloaded the beta test of the latest iOS, go ahead and try to update. Otherwise restore.
  7. Then:
    Your phone probably needs restored.
  8. And:
    If this is the first time you've done this your computer will take a LONG time downloading the restore files. But there will be a little swirling emblem up top so it's working even if it seems like it.
  9. Last:
    Poof your phone will turn off and then back on and it will have the new "out of the box" screen.
  10. And.
    Hope that works. Worked perfectly for 2/3 phones I used it on. Still holding out hope for the third.