Disclaimer/ for roughly 30 years I had headaches every other day. Some mild, some bad. Sometimes severe, sometimes requiring hospitalization. I got my wisdom teeth pulled and I gave up caffeine and now I have one headache every month or so. Today I woke up with one.
  1. 4:00 am - 5:09 am
    Why am I dreaming about a headache? This isn't cool.
  2. 5:10am
    Why am I awake? Oh. Ouch.
  3. 5:11am
    Pills. Pills.
  4. 7:00 am
    Alarm goes off. Oh. Ouch. Fuck. That didn't go away. Pills. Water. Hydrate. Beat this.
  5. 8:30am
    Not a fan of this shit.
  6. 9:30am
    I have a half hour before I have to get ready for work. Gonna take something a little stronger... Better set my alarm orrrrr..... *snore*
  7. 11:30am
    Fuck I was supposed to be at work at 11. Well. Headache is gone, woo.
  8. 11:40am
    Text from boss: "you still coming today?"
  9. 12:05pm
    Arrive at work. Head starts to hurt again
  10. 12:10pm
    If I pass out here I wonder if they'll send me home
  11. 12:11pm
    Sit in chair. Take pills. Wait.
  12. 3:20 pm
    Still hurts. Ugh.
  13. 3:25pm
    Post a list
  14. 4:30pm (projected)