Some fun, some not. These are the things I either learned or was flat out told at every job I've ever had.
  1. Bob Evans, dish tank operator
    I wasn't privy to much. I can say if a dish stayed dirty after two trips thru the dish tank, I considered it broken and threw it away.
  2. Odd Lots, seasonal help
    I was literally trained on nothing at this job. I "worked" there for three months and I never did anything but straighten shelves and spend hours in the bathroom hiding. The biggest secret I learned was no one there ever ate any of the food they sold there. Take from that what you will.
  3. Miss Julie's, chicken-puller-apart-guy
    The shredded chicken sandwiches are from yesterday's fried chicken. (Duh)
  4. AMC Lennox Theater, snack bar
    Not a big secret, and they probably changed, but it was super easy to pay for one movie and stay all day. Or show up to a work shift and just go watch movies.
  5. Kohl's. Maintenance and receiving
    Nothing is ever on sale at kohls. It's always the same price, they just change the name of the sale. It's a concerted effort to always make you pay the same price regardless of discounts, clearance, kohls cash, everything. Things were often ticketed with higher prices so that 50% off would be the same as what 30% off was last week.
  6. Kroger, overnight stock
    I lasted two days. This sucked. I don't know - their training videos were lame? Ha
  7. Chick-fil-a, general employee
    I was fired for refusing to take my earrings out. My district manager said it made me look "faggy." Yes this really happened.
  8. Great Steak Escape, grill cook
    No secrets. Delicious food. Great owner. Best job I ever had.
  9. Fed Ex, overnight truck loader
    The inside of empty trucks always smells like vomit
  10. Mattress Firm, District Manager
    Your bed does not break down after 8 years. They paid a lot of money to a marketing firm to come up with the "replace every 8" campaign based on jiffy lube's "change your oil every 3000 miles" thing. Neither one are accurate. Go by the manufacturers' suggested life and/or warranty. With mattresses, replace it when your body is telling you it's necessary.
  11. Funland Appliance
    All of their appliances are recycled from Sears and Home Depot. Every appliance they own they signed a manifest saying they would not resell them. I.E. fraud. Oh Also every employee is paid as an independent contractor yet is still treated like an hourly employee (aka tax fraud).
  12. Sandler Sales Training, associate
    Do not buy sales training. Just don't.
  13. Sleep Number
    Since I still work here and this is a publicly traded company I can't divulge any secrets or I could be in trouble for insider trading. So, this is a good company.