I work for a retail chain with a lot of stores nationwide. People don't usually transfer between stores. I was hired for Store A, but I trained at Store B. I then worked at store A for 3 months, and I was transferred to Store B (beyond my control). After working at store B for 3 months, a position at Store A opened. Follows is my pro/con list.
  1. Store A: lenient boss, Store B. Strict boss.
    Seems like a no brainier, BUT I know my style. I work harder for a strict boss. If someone is lenient I have a tendency to take advantage. But I also hate being micromanaged. Evaluation: WASH
  2. Store A: 27 mins from home. Store B: 27 mins from home.
    Evaluation: WASH
  3. Store A: established store, established client base. Store B: new store, lower expectations.
    Evaluation: WASH
  4. Store A: coworkers supportive. Store B: coworkers supportive
    Evaluation: WASH
  5. Store A: directly across the street from a competitor I used to work for. Store B: same
    Evaluation: WASH
  6. Store A: desperate to get me back. Store B: desperate to keep me.
    Evaluation: WASH.
  7. Store A: super comfortable chair. Store B: tall, cold, metal chair.
    Evaluation: STORE A
  8. Store A: mini fridge. Store B: mini fridge, water cooler and Keurig machine.
    Evaluation: STORE B
  9. So... Chair vs Keurig
    And my booty picked the chair.
  10. I've never been happier to let my butt make a decision.