Inspired by @marginally_amazing and everyone else who did this I'm not tagging you all
  1. I was 15
  2. My brother was in college
    Case western reserve university in Cleveland Ohio
  3. My brother was given specific instructions not to kill me.
    It was sibs weekend. This story begins on Friday night.
  4. It started early
    Liquor before beer never fear. Is what they told me.
  5. So I started drinking *aftershock* - some cinnamon liqueur.
    Wow this tastes like fire. Wash it down with Busch light? Ok.
  6. Wait, then I can't drink any more liquor?
    No you're fine. Keep drinking.
  7. We went to some bar. They assured me I would get served
  8. I definitely did
    They sold me pitchers of beer! Wtf. I'm 15!
  9. I then went to some party
    I vaguely remember this
  10. I fell asleep on a couch
    My brother, remembering He's not to let me die, found me a bed to sleep in
  11. One of his friends found me in SAID room and convinced me that drinking time was not over
  12. He very helpfully showed me that if I put my fingers down my throat I could barf and thus be able to drink more.
  13. I continued to barf and drink for a few more hours and I *think* I was talking to a girl.
    She was probably super impressed with the 15 year old covered in barf. Or she was a pile of coats. Hard to tell.
  14. I woke up on the floor of the living room sometime the next day. They gave me some pizza, which I threw up. I threw up every few minutes for the rest of Saturday and into Sunday.
  15. They convinced me to drink a beer on Sunday to "get back on the horse."
  16. I threw up again.
  17. Good times.