1. First and foremost, and I cannot stress this enough/ be ready for the backlash.
    Is your cause worthy? Have you posted vacation pics recently (like this decade)? Your friends and family will dissect your cause and they WILL judge you. I think it's best to have no illusions about this. I was blindsided with some of the OPEN hostility I faced from people who DIDN'T DONATE ANYWAY.
  2. Second, temper your expectations.
    Gofundme tells you right away that the absolute vast majority of donors you're going to get are people you already know. You're not going to have a successful fundraiser by relying on the good will of the internet. You gotta ask aunt Joan.
  3. Be relentless.
    You've already committed to this. You posted it. You're getting judged anyway. Might as well make it worth your while and be successful. That means being super descriptive. That means updating it often. That means sending the link DIRECTLY TO GROUPS OF PEOPLE WHO YOU FEEL HAVE BEEN MISSING IT ON PURPOSE (hey cousin Jesper - thanks for liking my six posts about lebron, maybe you missed my gofundme?)
  4. Update! Express gratitude!
    People will get invested in your cause. They may check your donations page more than you do. Be humble. Even if you only get $50, that was $50 you didn't have before. And no one HAD to give you anything.
  5. Truth be told, it helps to use hashtags on twitter. Like #RAK #KCCO.
    There are some cool people out there, especially those connected with and there are some miscellaneous donations to be found from random god people.
  6. Speaking of Twitter, it certainly helps if you have an attractive friend who will RT your cause to her thousands of thirsty followers desperate to eat her attention.
    If you don't have this friend, find one.
  7. And that's about it.
    You will get donations from that random friend you met at a party and never interacted with again. Your parent might act like they didn't see the link. You will be surprised both ways. Also remember all social media works on algorithms now so it's entirely possibly someone didn't see your link. So post, post, post.
  8. As an aside:
    Thank you to everyone far and wide who helped us raise money for Piper's trip to the junior Olympics. She completed the qualIfying rounds this weekend and we know her teams are going to JOs, but we are still waiting to see her other routines' fates.