I hate talking on the phone.
  1. Freaked out.
    This is a given. Anxiety is high.
  2. Cleaned the bathroom.
    Both bathrooms actually. This included going to the store to get those scrubbing bubbles.
  3. Fuck. Going back to the store
    Forgot cat food. And these bitches are pushy.
  4. Oh my gosh FUCK.
    I also needed dog food. Third Kroger trip before 10am.
  5. There really should be a shelf here.
    Wow that didn't take as long as I wanted. But I got a little sweaty. Better shower. Good things it's dazzlingly clean in there.
  6. I need a list.
    No, not a post here. A real list. A list of things to do today. Now a list of home improvements. Now a grocery list.
  7. Looks around
  8. Ugh
  9. Nap.
  10. Force myself to make the call
  11. Ring
  12. Ring
  13. Ring
  14. Ring
  15. This goes on. 10 rings.
  16. No answer.
  17. "The party you're trying to reach is not answering. You'll now be disconnected."