1. My popularity with older women is apparently at its peak.
  2. Instructor Beth is on her 2nd marriage.
  3. She also owns a horse.
  4. And two show dogs.
  5. The dogs are afraid of thunder.
  6. Instructor Bob (bald Bill Paxton) doesn't care about certain laws
    He's the "Law" instructor, FYI
  7. Both instructors have talked extensively about ways they've screwed other agents over
  8. And both have talked about how we should always ask other agents for help because "they're not going to screw us over."
  9. Bob is a Christian
  10. He's on some non-profit board
  11. A deed is a document that conveys title
  12. Most people are bad at math
  13. Foxy Grandma is a trump supporter
  14. I still don't know how I know the girl at the end of my row
  15. Body heat can raise room temperature by about 20°
  16. POC are vastly underrepresented in real estate.
    I base this on the 50 white people I'm in class with.
  17. Part time students have a harder time learning than us fulltimers
  18. Ohio mandates we take 120 hrs of classroom instruction and there is MAYBE 20 hrs of actual information.
  19. Samsung phones can catch fire being plugged into a wall