Me - "who's this girl that just started following me?" 17 year old daughter- "one of my friends. You've never met her. She probably thinks you're hot..." *uncomfortable silence...* "or funny."
  1. friends
    (1)Dude. Are none of you on Twitter? I'm @siddharthainc there too. Find me.
  2. Coworkers
    (1) I guess I don't work with cool people.
  3. Reddit People
    (10) it may be the front page of the Internet but there's also nudity so...
    (12) @fakeurban is a must-follow for buckeye fans
  5. Various Cincinnati stuff
    (14) sports teams, news, cincy problems, etc...
  6. Actual Family Members
    (15) I feel bad for these people
    (19) I never need to check the score of the games because these people keep me incredibly informed abot EVERYTHING.
  8. Friends of my kids
    (23) I'm even including those of you who have never talked to me but follow me anyway. Weirdos. I like to make fun of teens tho.
  9. Friends from random old social media (yahoo, aim, etc)
    (25) who you people really hung around
  10. People I know in real life and have their phone numbers
    (25) I guess you could say friends. But I won't.
  11. Former Co-workers
    (29) People come and go. Especially at Mattress Firm.
  12. MySpace Peeps
    (30) ahhh the good old days. The blog ring! @torrami and @danalady - my oldest pals!
  13. Twitter only
    (31) people I met because they were friends of friends on Twitter. Some good. Some bad...
  14. Hometown heroes!
    (34) People from my hometown, Tiffin Ohio. Some I went to high school with, or they went with my brothers.
  15. SPAM.
    (75). Some porn. Some old weird unused accounts. Some direct marketing. All garbage.