I've had various pseudonyms over the years. For not interesting reasons. Bur I'm going to list them.
  1. Clyde.
    Why did I go by Clyde in my health class in 9th grade? No idea. We had a substitute, I was being a dick, and it just stuck. Dude called me Clyde for 18 weeks.
  2. Sid.
    Short for siddharthainc, my fabulous MySpace screen name. Don't judge. It was a simpler time.
  3. Dick.
    I used to tell people my name was dick if they weren't buying anything from me. It was my subtle way of calling them a dick. Shush. It made me feel better. Ha
  4. Boom.
    I really don't have a good reason for this. Something about Facebook not letting blue use her real name, I think. Originally I was Benjamin Karate, then Benjamin Deathshadow... Finally Boom Edler. Again, no good reason.
  5. Josh.
    Legally I can't get into this one all that much. I was avoiding something. I went by Josh Winslow for about a year. I had business cards and everything.
  6. And now, Bryan.
    Currently I'm Bryan. Because I switched stores and my new Boss' name is Ben. And the fucking last thing I want is to be "old Ben," so I immediately changed that shit up. I thought about being Josh. Or gaston. But the actual middle name is probably better.