You know you meet people on the internet and you find them interesting so you strike up a convo. Everyone always asks the same questions. A year or so ago I was talking to someone I met and I hit him with this line. It led to a pretty interesting conversation with a guy that has become one of my best friends. So, here are the worst things about me:
  1. If I can, I will absolutely lie down in bed. I am not a fan of sitting.
  2. I'll wait for you. But I will absolutely stew and grumble and become ever more pissed at you for making me wait.
  3. I need attention. And validation. I don't need to be the CENTER of attention. I want to be the slightly off center of attention.
  4. If someone doesn't like me it drives me absolutely batshit crazy
  5. I'm incredibly persuasive.
  6. I haaaaate to shower. When I was little water made my super-dry-super-sensitive skin go crazy and I'd itch like crazy until my legs were red and raw. That really doesn't happen anymore but I still hate water.
  7. I'm resistant to change. If there is a way for me to preserve the status quo, I will.