Answering the Same Wsj's Interview as BJ

Inspired by @jpbateson who was inspired by @gwcoffey who was inspired by @Lisa_Fav who was inspired by @WSJ who was inspired by @bjnovak's iPhone...
  1. Number of unread emails: Currently 6. They're all junk.
  2. First app checked in the morning: Clock because it's my alarm in the morning.
  3. Last app checked before bedtime: Messages. I always check my texts before I go to sleep, re-read some messages and delete older ones.
  4. Most used app: Probably a tie between The List App, Spotify, and Messages.
  5. App most likely viewed in a checkout line: Instagram. Mindlessly looking through my friends photos and liking them.
  6. Most essential app while traveling: Yelp! Such a good app to use when looking for restaurants in places you've never been or when you just want to try something new.
  7. Cities listed in weather app: Greensboro, Boone and New York.
  8. Favorite shopping app: Target!
  9. Most recent Uber ride: I've never been in an Uber. But once, I downloaded the app to see what it was like. No Uber's close to be. I live in a small town.
  10. Favorite photo filter: Sometimes when I feel adventurous I use black and white.
  11. Favorite podcast: Note To Self.
  12. Most surprising app you depend on: Quizlet really helps me study for quizzes and tests. It's a lifesaver.
  13. Person you FaceTime most often: I haven't used FaceTime in a while but I get calls from my friend in college frequently and I love it. I get to see her face!!!
  14. Favorite emoji: 😂 or 😍. I know, I'm so ordinary. Sue me.
  15. Favorite Instagram feed: Sophia Bush has great photos and I love her so much. Her #Mondaymantras are the best!
  16. Most liked Instagram photo: One of my senior pictures got 100 likes. Guess you could say I'm famous.
  17. Most listened to artist on iTunes or Spotify: City and Colour, Mumford & Sons, and Jon Foreman.
  18. Your most re-tweeted tweet: I don't have many retweets but it was probably really stupid.
  19. Most common Siri command: "Siri, do you love me? Or "Siri, tell me a joke."
  20. Outgoing voice message: The lady on the phone reading out my phone number. That's all.