If You Were on Survivor, With Any 5 Tv Show Characters, Who Would You Pick and Why?

Inspired by @TVAddict
  1. First of all, I would pick Dwight Shrute because I feel like he would know exactly what to do and maybe we would become friends and I'd give him beets if he helped me survive.
  2. Rhonda McNeil - YMATA. @JennaFischer is a BA and she knows how to survive Thelma and Louise style which comes in handy in an Apocalypse or Survivor. Basically, the same thing.
  3. Meredith Grey - Because she has 100 life's and I think she would help me survive death situations. Plus, she is a surgeon and I don't think she would just let me die. The show is called Survivor. Am I right???
  4. Spencer Reid - He's smart, cunning, and has nice hair. Everyone needs someone to survive with and I wouldn't mind surviving with Reid. 💘😎
  5. Oliver Queen - He shoots people with arrows, he is intelligent, and has a team so they'd swoop in to save him (and me!!).