Because you only need a few
  1. Absolutely Need: Facebook + Messenger, Uber/Lyft, Google Maps and Search
  2. Social: Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn
  3. Communication: SLACK, Inbox, Whatsapp, Hangouts
  4. Reading: Medium, Nuzzel, Don't get a news app just follow it on Facebook.
  5. Watching: Netflix, Sling TV
  6. Money: Bank App, Venmo
  7. Shopping: Operator, Amazon, Prime Now, Instacart
  8. Food: OpenTable(delete Yelp already), just use Facebook and Google for looking up stuff now honestly
  9. Organizing: Google Calendar/Sunrise, Evernote, Google Drive
  10. Music: Spotify/YouTube Music/Apple Music. Just pick one and stick with it! Don't keep changing. For discovery Pandora has the best algorithm
  11. Well this app to make lists