My mom said I couldn't complain about the O.J. verdict if I skipped jury duty
  1. Is the guy who invented shredded cheese mad at the guy who invented sliced bread for stealing his thunder?
  2. Can corgis go up the stairs straight on or do they have to side step?
  3. Why does diet coke still exist if they invented coke zero?
  4. What's the point of toenails?
  5. How was flaking done before cell phones?
  6. What happened to fruit punch?
  7. Why can waiters who aren't in movies say they're aspiring actors but I can't be an aspiring dog?
  8. What did people do at work before the Internet?
  9. Why can vegans eat plants that were once alive but not milk that didn't kill anything in its production cycle?
  10. Does shredded wheat hate mini-wheats or feel like its dad?