I went out to dinner by myself and ended up meeting a fascinating older man.
  1. He loves Pearl Oyster Bar.
    We both walked in alone, just as two seats opened at the bar. We sat next to each other and started chatting right away. He knew all the names of the bartenders and servers.
  2. He had just come from an Esperanza Spalding concert.
    He went by himself to her show at Le Poisson Rouge. He told me this while cutting his wristband off with a knife. He's going to Carnegie Hall tomorrow to see a pianist perform.
  3. He's a photographer.
    He used to be a doctor, but at around 65, he decided to follow his passion for art. He does street photography in New York, Berlin, and Israel. This is his work: http://bit.ly/1cFaAXG
  4. He lives in a loft in Harlem.
    He's a cool 78!
  5. He's never been married.
    But he's been in love several times. He's not sure why his prior relationships failed. We talked extensively about heartbreak and confusion and loss.
  6. He likes shrimp.
    He ordered the shrimp appetizer and a side of fries. (I had oysters and soft-shell crab.)
  7. He's a silver fox.
    He had the most beautiful head of white hair. I could tell he was a total hunk back in the day. (Honestly: still hunky.)
  8. He's never read Joan Didion.
    I only know this because I pulled out Play It As It Lays. I told him to start by reading The Year of Magical Thinking. He said yes.
  9. He thinks New York is the sexiest city in the world.
    Though he said I should move to Paris for a year to clear my head.
  10. He ordered dessert for us to share.
    I could tell he wanted chocolate mousse, but once I expressed interest in the strawberry-rhubarb pie, he ordered that.
  11. He asked me to go to the Whitney with him on Sunday.
    I said yes, obviously!
  12. Update: He just texted me this. Like I said, cool 78! We're going to be best friends. Or I'm going to pull an Anna Nicole Smith.
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