I burn pretty much everything that I cook.
  1. Mike's Hot Honey
    It's chili-infused honey. Drizzle it on cheese, Brussels sprouts, pizza, fried chicken, quinoa, whatever!
  2. Nonna's Sweet Sauce
    Red sauce that makes mediocre pasta seem super impressive.
  3. Pommery Mustard
    This fancy French mustard is hella expensive, but it lasts forever. I hide it in my sock drawer when I host barbecues.
  4. Scalia Anchovy Paste
    Tiny anchovy fillets gross me out. I prefer squirting them out of a tube. Great for pasta!
  5. Kewpie Mayo
    Classic Japanese mayo. Look for a picture of a baby on the bottle.
  6. Marshall's Haute Sauce
    It looks and tastes homemade. Put it in a mason jar and everyone will think you're a domestic goddess.
  7. Crown Maple Syrup
    I often roast vegetables in maple syrup, and this brand is the best of the best. (I'm also addicted to sugar.)
  8. Lillie's Q BBQ Sauce
    The Carolina Gold flavor is my favorite.
  9. Nyshuk Harissa
    A North African pepper condiment that's easy and versatile. Try it on roasted potatoes.
  10. Heinz Ketchup
    I hate seeing Sir Kensington's at restaurants. Heinz is fucking perfect.
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