Details About the Dish That Was Named After Me

Possibly my greatest achievement: New York's Cómodo and Colonia Verde both serve "the Sierra."
  1. I moved to New York around the same time that Cómodo opened for business on my block. The perfect neighborhood restaurant! I didn't work in the food world yet, but I became close with the owners, husband-and-wife team Felipe and Tamy.
  2. When Hurricane Sandy hit, Cómodo had to temporarily shut down (and I had to move out of my apartment). For a small, young business, going dark for even a few days is rough.
  3. As soon as downtown New York regained power (that Saturday morning), I walked over to Cómodo to check in on everyone.
  4. Felipe, the chef, offered to make me breakfast, but said that he didn't have many ingredients on hand, because so much had spoiled.
  5. I asked if he could make my favorite dinner dish -- a warm, cheesy Brussels sprout salad -- and add a poached egg on top. He said yes!
  6. He immediately coined it "the Sierra," and added it to the brunch menu.
  7. Years later, the dish is still a hit! Tamy and Felipe opened a second restaurant in Fort Greene, Colonia Verde, and it's also on the brunch menu there.
  8. Yelp is bullshit, BUT!