This recent NYT profile ( reminded me that their relationship is endlessly fascinating -- and heartbreaking. Here's what she has said over the years.
  1. "In 1971, I was walking down the street with my sister, we had just crammed Indian food into our mouths and were walking home. I looked at the cover of TIME and it was James Taylor, whom I’d never met. And I looked at him from fairly far away, and I said to my sister, ‘I’m gonna marry that man.'"
  2. "I will never love anyone again so much or in the same way."
  3. "I would rather have any relationship with James -- be it frustrating, mediocre, whatever -- than no relationship at all, than what we have now, which is a long empty alleyway of memories leading up to a big wall of silence."
  4. "I mentioned one morning to James in London that I thought we should get married, and James was kind of hesitant in his response. He said, 'Oh well, there's really no reason to get married. We love each other and we've been living together.'"
  5. "I don't think I would have changed anything except that I wish that James would have been happier with himself."
  6. "I didn't really understand the extent to which James was addicted or needed drugs ... I was aware of remoteness with James, that I couldn't depend on him. In a sense, he could depend upon me more, but I was terribly confused because all of a sudden there seemed to be this barrier."
  7. "It worried me terribly that James had never heard any of my songs. I took that as an indication that he wasn't interested in my music and therefore I somehow got a lower opinion of my own music because of that."
  8. "I heard Ben [their son] say the other day that he really doesn’t want to repeat what he saw in the relationship between myself and James. Yet those little repetitions sneak up on you from behind, and there you are doing the same things your mother did to your father."
  9. "I'm so erased, so erased. I don't think James has forgotten in any way. If he had forgotten, he wouldn't be behaving in the way he is."