I leave the city tomorrow morning. The past four nights have been absolutely incredible! I'm traveling solo, but that hasn't stopped me from ordering enough to feed a family of four.
  1. Sunday: Three "bikini" (ham-and-cheese) sandwiches, scrambled eggs with fried potatoes, and pan con tomate.
  2. One strawberry smoothie at the beach.
  3. Two scoops of gelato: stracciatella and rose-raspberry.
  4. Pan con tomate, oysters, two cuttlefish croquettes, grilled asparagus, grilled razor clams, a few bites of tuna and steak off of a stranger's plate (next to me at the bar -- friendly!), half of fried Catalan French toast off another man's plate, one tiny cannoli-like pastry, one glass of Chardonnay, and one glass of cava.
  5. Monday: Cold brew, smoked salmon, and an avocado-cucumber salad.
  6. Two pistachio-filled figs, one papaya-coconut smoothie, and a cone filled with prosciutto and manchego.
  7. Shared four different montaditos (open-faced sandwiches) with my Spanish lover: salmon with yogurt and honey, uni with tuna and preserved tomatoes, some kind of soft funky cheese and hazelnuts, and sardines with cucumbers. Two glasses of vermouth.
  8. Shared grilled prawns, oysters, a pork belly entree, and chocolate cake. And a bottle of natural white wine.
  9. A plastic bottle of natural red wine that we filled up at the restaurant and drank as we walked home.
  10. Tuesday: Green tea.
  11. Spicy squid with fried eggs and grilled asparagus wrapped in ham.
  12. Stewed chickpeas with pig's feet.
  13. A mixed bag of chocolates and dried fruits.
  14. A banana-pistachio cookie.
  15. Fried artichokes, a Spanish omelet with ham and potatoes and lots of cheese, fried anchovies, and fried calamari. Three glasses of cava. Ended up sharing a cream puff-like dessert with a cool British lady who had read my writing in Cherry Bombe.
  16. Wednesday: One green smoothie at the beach.
  17. The famous olive from ElBulli, watermelon "solid cocktail," "summer tree" with cherries, blackcurrant "churros" with cream, crunchy mini pizza with stracciatella, gunkan sushi with trout roe, basil "air waffle," tuna tartare in a seaweed cone, white anchovies with crunchy chicken skin, shrimp toast with sweet-pepper ceviche ...
  18. Steamed eel with brioche, "air baguette" filled with manchego, cured beef with smoked cheese, oysters with passion fruit and grilled melon, toro with Iberian ham fat and caviar, smoked mackerel with shiitake sauce, king-oyster mushroom "spaghetti," grilled prawns in fish broth, marinated chicken with "lime air," foie gras with bread and pickles ...
  19. Apple cotton candy, a carrot ice-cream cone, an "air pancake" with maple syrup and blackcurrant compote, chocolate eclair with hazelnuts, and a mille-feuille with chocolate, buttercream, and wild strawberries. One glass of cava and one cup of red tea.
  20. Deep-fried shrimp, a Peking duck roll, and two beers at 3 a.m. with the Tickets chefs.