I eat a lot of sugar. You should know this about me.
  1. Levain Bakery
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    This is not up for debate.
  2. Maman
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    Make sure to ask the owner (Elisa!) to warm it up in the oven.
  3. El Rey
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    My move is to take the cookie and dunk it into the brownie-batter hot chocolate. (I'm going to die young.)
  4. Jacques Torres
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    Extra rich and chocolate-y.
  5. Blue Ribbon Bakery Market
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    It's more of a light everyday cookie -- thin and crispy.
  6. Birdbath/City Bakery
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    I want to rank it higher, but it's often burnt. Quality control, people!
  7. Ovenly
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    Available at most coffee shops (and it's the McNally Jackson cookie of choice). Surprisingly vegan, which means you should eat two.
  8. The Smile
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    For all of you strange creatures who don't like the taste of pure sugar, this one has sea salt on top.
  9. Dominique Ansel Bakery
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    A shot made out of a warm cookie that's filled with vanilla milk. Boom.
  10. Amy's Bread
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    Perfect lunch: grilled cheese from Murray's (next door) followed by Amy's cookies!
  11. Culture
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    It'll make you forget you're in midtown.