The best part of my job at NYM is getting to oversee this feature, which tracks what someone eats for five days. In honor of "What I Ate Today," these are my all-time favorites!
  1. Courtney Love
    "Fuck chocolate. Kurt hated chocolate, too — that was one of the things we had in common."
  2. Junot Díaz
    "I'm not a pasta person but I do have a tremendous fondness for meatballs. One of the dishes my mom used to make when she was happy."
  3. Lauren Graham
    "I stop back in to Viand for an everything bagel with cream cheese and tomato. Back at the hotel, I only eat half of it, 'cause, actor. It's perfect."
  4. Patricia Lockwood
    "Oh no, it's PMS. You know what this means: I have to eat an entire jar of capers one by one with a shrimp fork, at midnight."
  5. Brooks Headley
    "When I finally get access to the commissary kitchen, I keep stealing roasted cauliflower from a prep tray. I sneak every one, making sure no one sees me. Everyone sees me."
  6. Samantha Bee
    "I eat breakfast like I'm about to go work an 18-hour shift on an oil rig."
  7. Jessica Seinfeld
    "The fish section at Zabar's is where Jerry first told me he loved me way back when, so that area always chokes me up."
  8. Susan Orlean
    "I wish I could say I used eggs from my own chickens, but raccoons massacred all my chickens last spring, and I haven’t gotten new ones yet."
  9. Tracy Anderson
    "I eat chocolate every single day."
  10. Chrissy Teigen
    "I was so Xanax'd out that I just kind of drank the pizza. It was very cheesy."
  11. Lo Bosworth
    "I move on to my first glass of rosé of the weekend. Basic, amirite? Hamptons and rosé, blaaa."
  12. Rich Sommer
    "Side note: In looking at the piece of paper I wrote everything down on, I see that I apparently also had '1,000 dicks.' However, it seems to be in Chad's handwriting, so I am going to omit it from my food record."
  13. Martha Stewart
    "It was a great week, although I lost a few pounds."
  14. Christina Tosi
    "I started with the cookie pie and blueberry hand-pies. Had a few ribs, and went back for more dessert."
  15. Misty Copeland
    "About once every two years, I need my Red Lobster fix."
  16. Frank Bruni
    "He eats very quickly, which is a very inconsiderate characteristic for a boyfriend to have.”
  17. "Then I went shopping for some tour clothes and stopped at Juice Press on Rivington. It's like getting addicted to drugs, but drugs are cheaper."
  18. "I'd marry a Gummy Bear."