The Return of Foxglove

This sounds like a graphic novel. It's actually a story about a flower.
  1. Foxglove is one of the first things I planted in my garden. I chose it (her?) for the gorgeous ruby tubular flowers, which can reach six feet in height.
  2. I also, of course, loved the name! It sounds like that Hunger Games character.
  3. But Foxglove's strength was quickly put to the test: Her spikes flopped over and started to die. I deadheaded a bit, but then I had to leave town for over a week.
  4. When I returned from my trip, Foxglove looked weak and flaccid. Totally unrecognizable. I also lost her partner in crime, Moonflower -- a sexy plant that only blooms at night. No photos during this sensitive time.
  5. I surrendered and cut Foxglove down to her stems, leaving her naked and crippled. I figured this would be the end. After all, it's August, and she's an annual. Time to say Kaddish? (Have I become a crazy gardener?)
  6. Miraculously, as of this morning, Foxglove is back! After yesterday's heavy rain, she started flowering again. Moral of the story: Things get fucked up. They grow back, and stronger. Just be patient. And so on.