I landed in Barcelona this morning! I didn't sleep on the plane because Cinderella was playing. Today has been a struggle.
  1. Fell asleep on my hotel lobby's couch in fetal position.
    My room wasn't ready. I think I got an upgrade because the manager needed to hide me.
  2. Ate three "bikini" sandwiches.
    Traditional little Spanish sandwiches with ham and cheese. There was no need for three. I couldn't tell if l was tired or hungry or both.
  3. Toured the Picasso museum in 11 minutes.
    Far too short. But if I stood still in front of a painting for too long, my eyes would close and my body would start swaying.
  4. Went to the beach and forgot to put on sunscreen.
    So I am now a little sunburnt. Silly sleep-deprived Sierra!
  5. Watched Spanish surfers wash off in the outdoor shower.
    I lingered for an inappropriate amount of time.
  6. Also ate fried potatoes and pan con tomate.
    Both good choices. I stand by these, regardless of my level of consciousness.
  7. Asked for six samples of gelato before choosing a flavor.
    This was a real asshole move. I blame the jet-lag. Though I'm happy that I ultimately got rose-raspberry and stracciatella.
  8. Napped twice more.
    Naps in hotel bathrobes are the best.
  9. Almost got hit by a car.
    Several times.
  10. Finally woke up when I ate one of the best desserts of my life.
    Hot Catalan French toast with vanilla ice cream.
  11. Wrote this list!
    It's been too long since I've written a list.