Dudes I've loved, pseudo-dated, and only smooched came out of the woodwork. Weird!
  1. "Happy birthday! Still one of my favorite dance partners."
    We "dated" in eighth grade and haven't spoken in years. (Still loved this message.)
  2. "I would have loved to come to your party, but I'm on call tomorrow."
    We're on great terms mostly because he's a doctor. He told me that whatever happened between us, I could always cut the line at his ER.
  3. "Happy birthday, Mademoiselle! Long time no see!"
    Yes, it's been at least three years since we kissed on a rooftop.
  4. "We need to do something fun when I come back."
    After I broke up with him, he moved to Norway. He's never returned.
    We live in different cities. Cute!
  6. "I wish you nothing but the best, today and always."
    This made my heart hurt.
  7. "I was going to come with Natasha tonight, but I'm swamped with work due tomorrow."
    But I didn't invite you!
  8. "Hope it's a great one."
    I hope I never see this one again.
  9. "It's been a few years. Hope you're doing great. I'm still in NYC, and I think it might be fun if we caught up over drinks. Let me know if you're interested. No pressure!"
    We went on exactly two dates ... seven years ago.