I love to go out to restaurants all by myself.
  1. It's easy to score just one seat.
    Even the most popular restaurants can accommodate a solo diner. (And the bar is the best place to sit, anyways.)
  2. You're in sync with your needs.
    You can take a moment to figure out exactly what you're in the mood to eat, and how much of it. There's no need to consider someone's food allergy, worry if there will be enough of the "shared plates" to go around, or accidentally spend too much money.
  3. It transports you.
    I eat chocolate mousse at Buvette and pretend I'm in Paris. I sip mint tea at Café Gitane and dream about my trip to Marrakech. You can create your own little world.
  4. You get the best service.
    Servers are extra friendly. Free dessert!
  5. There's no hassle over making plans.
    See: the famed "Let's Get Drinks" New Yorker article.
  6. You can make new friends!
    I often chat with total strangers. A few have become friends (and lovers).
  7. It's good thinking time.
    Of course you can fiddle around with your phone, or read a book, but I try to use the time to clear my mind and nourish myself.