Why I Love Rockaway Beach

It's a special, creative place, with great food. Go!
  1. Andrew Field makes the greatest fish tacos on the East Coast.
    I know this is a bold assertion, but I believe it's true! His tacos are perfectly fried, and the quesadilla with plantains isn't shabby, either. Field used to cook at Rockaway Taco, but now he's at Tacoaway Beach, which is inside the Rockaway Beach Surf Club.
  2. There's so much art.
    I'm always stumbling upon a cool mural, live-music performance, or pop-up shop. At the Palms, a new outdoor gathering space, there's a photography bookstore and a little gallery.
  3. A new Peruvian spot is making truly excellent chicken.
    Chicks to Go opened this summer with A+ rotisserie chicken. Per the recent Times review, "It's saturated for half a day with cumin, oregano, garlic, soy and ají panca pepper, with its hint of smoke and berries, then turned over the flame until the skin blisters and shimmers and the juices run mad within." http://nyti.ms/1KnFWeU
  4. The 67th Street beach is fairly peaceful.
    The biggest knock against Rockaway is that the beach is dirty and crowded. That's fair. But unlike the one on 96th St, the beach on 67th Street is more laid-back.
  5. There's a dude called the "pizza nazi."
    Whitney Aycock, of Whit's End, yells at all of his customers. It's his thing. Somehow, it's charming.
  6. The commute is easy.
    I usually take the subway from W. 4th, and it takes me about an hour. No schlep on the Jitney! It's also an easy drive.
  7. There's a beautiful sense of community.
    The pain and devastation of Hurricane Sandy is still fresh. In turn, Rockaway feels incredibly supportive of people taking creative risks, opening new businesses, and spreading the joy.