Thanks to Spotify's "Your Top 2016" playlist.
  1. "Closer" — The Chainsmokers
    Unsurprisingly to anyone who knows me, this song is #1 on this playlist, meaning I listened to this song more than any other this year. With that fact comes a slight feeling of disappointment in myself, but that's what happens when you listen to a song (and various & sundry remixes of it [s/o to Rick Jersey]) for 3 weeks straight.
  2. "A Car, A Torch, A Death" — twenty one pilots
    Also unsurprisingly to anyone who knows me, about 20% of this list is comprised of tøp songs. I feel like the past three years have been split into two very distinct parts, pre-tøp concert hype and post-tøp concert nostalgia.
  3. "Season 2 Episode 3" — Glass Animals
    Because How To Be A Human Being and Air For Free were two of the best things to happen this year.
  4. "Me Too" — Meghan Trainor
    Two things I hold very dear to my heart: 1) The two months that Erin Connolly lived with Kate and me 2) The copious amount of dance parties held in our livingroom during those month that featured this song on repeat.
  5. "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" — Starship
    Try staying in a bad mood after listening to this song all the way through. Also, Bill Hader? Skeleton Twins? Come ON.
  6. "Delicate" — Damien Rice
    No matter what year it was, is, or will be.
  7. "See You Again" — Breathe Carolina
    I had a very minor quarter-life crisis earlier this year wherein I relived my scene kid days. I regret nothing.
  8. "Spirit Move" — Kelley Heiligenthal
    + the majority of Have It All. The time I spent in LA // at Heaven Come with Kate & Jen & Madi was one of the most delightful and freedom-inducing experiences of the year. A weapon in one hand and gentleness in the other.
  9. "Nobody Love" — Tori Kelly
    2:25 - 2:33. On repeat.
  10. "Swelling Sea" — Tow'rs
    As Andrew Cooke put it, "If my soul could sing, this is what it would sound like." We went to their show and it was soothing & intimate & uncomfortably hot, as any good show should be.
  11. "Overture" — Sleeping At Last
    Even after everything we've seen || we've barely caught a glimpse of what it means || in the architecture of the soul || the universe began with our eyes closed
  12. "God" — Relient K
    See Season 2 Episode 3.
  13. "The Good In Me" — Jon Bellion
    Pretty sure Ellie & Ryan & Alan & I listened to this song over&over&over the entire drive back from summer camp.
  14. "Ghostride The Whip" — Family Force 5
    This was inevitable considering the fact that Tristan & I were in the same car all the war from here to Cali.
  15. "I Wanna Be Bad" — Willa Ford
    Moving right along.
  16. "Coming Home" — Wild Child
    Wild Child was probably my proudest find of the year. It was (and remains to be) one of those bands I couldn't wait to tell literally everyone I know about.
  17. "Wolf" — Sylvan Esso
    Mine and Kate's go-to in-the-car-song. Also, this was playing when I got my septum pierced, so a lot of good feelings* are associated with this song. *just not physical
  18. "Dancing On The Moon" — Isla Vista Worship
    In a world where worship music can lean towards the monotonous and disingenuous, this song reminds me that true artistry is alive and well in the Christian music industry & makes me fall in love with Jesus all over again.
  19. Songbird (Glee Cast Version) — Naya Rivera
    I rekindled a very short-lived (albeit intense) love affair with seasons 1 - 3 this year, and this song >>>