1. Made my sister look like Rosie the riveter this morning, why am I better at my own makeup than other people's makeup
  2. Worked on my soc paper but didn't get too much done as of 12:22 pm
  3. Got coffee with Nathalia and Paige and saw Angelica
  4. Got 2 compliments on the shoes I stole from my mom and I will never tell her
  5. Currently sitting in my class waiting to take an exam
  6. I have so much to do today I want to crawl into a corner and sleep
  7. I have to pack and I'm looking forward to that, yay for weekends away with the boy
  8. Sitting in this class is giving me anxiety, I want to leave
  9. The test wasn't bad, I was the first one done as usual. I'm never the smartest one in the room but I always finish first
  10. This project was supposed to be started at least 2 weeks ago but I'm starting today and it's due in a few days 👌🏼
  11. So much deception is happening this weekend my god
  12. I have to pick up my dad from work soon but I just want to take my makeup off
  13. I love packing, I'm all packed for the weekend
  14. My face is itchy today
  15. My motivation for the day has greatly subsided
  16. I need more caffeine