There were way more than 7, but these stand out
  1. That you don't get everything you work hard at
    I didn't realize that no matter how hard I worked, I would not in fact be an Olympic gymnast, would not get all the awards in my class, or win every competition. Sometimes you have to put yourself out there over and over again and hear a lot of no's before you hear a yes.
  2. That I would be going to my dream college
    I've wanted to go to UNC since I can remember, and it actually happened! Now that I'm here I appreciate every day. A lot of great things have happened for me in college and it's all thanks to this little piece of heaven called UNC.
  3. How often my friends would change
    At 7 you think your best friend at recess really is your best friend for life (BFFL, remember?). But the truth is people grow and change and it doesn't always work out. And that ends up happening a lot throughout your teenage years. You learn what types of people you need to surround yourself with and that takes a little trial and error.
  4. How much I'd learn to love myself
    At 7 you don't give much thought to "body image" or other insecurities. At 7 I didn't even know that it was a battle I, like many other girls, would eventually have to fight. But I did, and after several years of trying to become completely invisible I decided I was pretty awesome.
  5. I'd be an English major
    As evidenced by this What I Wanted to Be Growing Up, Chronologically being a doctor has clearly always been in the plan. That's why I surprised even myself when I decided to major in English. Thanks to some really great teachers I realized how much I love the subject and just couldn't quit it after high school. Medical school is still my plan, but I have had the chance to explore a subject I love during my undergrad.
  6. The importance of alone time
    When I was 7 I wanted to be around people all the time. Now I know that it's okay to go out alone sometimes. It's important to know yourself so you can know other people!
  7. The importance of a good cup of coffee
    too young to know one of life's greatest pleasures