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  1. Christopher Hayden
    Gilmore girls, of course. He always screwed everything up. Especially for Luke and Lorelai, and I'm just not here for that. I can't even watch season 7 because of him.
  2. Dean Forrester
    Also Gilmore girls. Also the actual worst. Horribly violent boyfriend with anger management issues.
  3. Charlotte from Private Practice
    I'm sorry about this but I just really really shipped Cooper and Violet and Charlotte ruined that. I stopped watching the show because of her...
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  1. You know the kid, Colin?
  2. The one who's basically forced to stay in his room at all times
  3. Because his dad thinks he'll die and become a cripple and stuff
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  1. It was pretty fucking fun
  1. Tomorrow me and my roomies are joining our local gym
  2. I do not like gyms
  3. Like, I honestly seriously hate them
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  1. I've googled his name no less than 8 times today
  2. I've rewatched the epic Sarah/Hank-kiss an unlimited number of times
    I told you, Parenthood ruined me
  3. I've saved the following screenshots on my phone
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  1. I try to take a selfie but it ends up like this
  1. Remember the Chilton dad from the second episode?
  2. This guy:
  3. I had a bad feeling about him
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Parenthood changed everything. Also: Just American shows, because it'll be too difficult with Danish and British shows too
  1. The Office
  2. Parks and Recreation
  3. Gilmore Girls
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  1. Why was Scott Porter only in it for a second
  2. I am an avid Scott Porter enthusiast so that kind of sucked
  3. But still
  4. Perfect ending
  1. Well, that was a perfect ending to a perfect show
    I mean... It would've been awesome if Zeek hadn't died. But it somehow just made sense
  2. ... I want more
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