In which I blatantly objectify a bunch of beautiful Hollywood men 🙆🏻
  1. Ryan Gosling
    Starting big, here. I just do not get the hype. His voice is too high-pitched, his body - while impressive - is just kind of weird-looking and his eyes are too close together. When it comes to Gosling, I have no chill.
  2. Ian Somerhalder
    I mean, his eyes are pretty but other than that he's just kind of 'meh' to me...
  3. Channing Tatum
    This is honestly the weirdest-looking Hollywood hunk... Ever. He is an impressive dancer and okay, yeah, his body is A+. But his face just kind of looks like a giant thumb, and I ain't here for that
  4. Alexander Skarsgaard
    Okay, that's kind of a lie because I totally get the True Blood-hype but maybe it's because I'm from Scandinavia, but he's just kind of plain to me? Honestly, I find his father way hotter, which might say more about me than about the Skarsgaards... 😏
  5. Jared Padalecki
    Two words: Dean Forrester. Gilmore Girls killed any chance I had of ever finding Jared attractive. 💁🏻
  6. Ashton Kutcher
    Again: he's just so 'meh'!
  7. Taylor Lautner
    Do people even find this guy attractive anymore? Idek... Either way; he looks like an alpaca. A fact many an Internet user has already commented on, but nevertheless a fact that remains 100% accurate
  8. Christian Bale
    I see the appeal, but he's scary to me. I don't know why, but he creeps me out. He just looks like a guy who would wait outside your window and stare at you with this creepy smile on his face... I didn't say it made sense!
  9. Alex Pettyfer
    Tiny, little man-child. Kind of cute in that Emma Roberts movie, but in a teen heartthrob kind of way
  10. Jamie Dornan
    Maybe it's just my complete and utter hatred for 50 Shades that's talking, or maybe I just don't get the hype. I guess we'll never know!
  11. Josh Duhamel
    Too pretty - too boring. I'm really starting to sound like a douchebag here...
  12. Jeremy Renner
    I don't get it
  13. Kit Harrington
    Yes, he has an impressive physique, but he's just so tiny and he has such a cute, little baby face. I can't. Feel free to tell me 'I know nothing'.