I had to have a counter-list. Do I maybe just like older men?
  1. Steve Carell
    What can I say? Michael Scott does it for me
  2. Alec Baldwin
    That hair, those eyes, that voice. Oh yeah!
  3. JK Simmons
    Whiplash did things to me that I'm not quite sure how to deal with
  4. Mel Gibson
    I know, I know. He's a crazy asshole, but he's also crazy hot in the Lethal Weapon movies. Not to forget 'What Women Want'!
  5. Harrison Ford
    Who am I kidding - everyone wants a piece of Indiana Jones
  6. Tom Hanks
    You've Got Mail ruined me for other men. Joe Fox ❤️
  7. Mikhail Baryshnikov
    Oh dear god Alexandr Petrovsky CAN GET IT
  8. Chris Noth
    Speaking of Sex and the City - Mr. Big forever tbh
  9. Sean Penn
    Again, another asshole. But his greasy, vaguely disgusting look kind of does it for me?!
  10. BJ Novak
    Yes, he's weird-looking but in a cute and very sort of... Intelligent way?
  11. Ike Barinholtz
    I mean have you SEEN him lately?
  12. Stellan Skarsgaard
    I can't explain it, but Skarsgaard The First is A+. Maybe it's my love for Mamma Mia speaking?